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Complaining about the government is as hallowed an American pastime as football. From staggering inefficiency to maddening bureaucracy, there’s simply no shortage of flaws bogging down an administration that’s in charge of so much, with so few staff, and so few dollars. It should come as no surprise that the software behind government is also often infuriating.

So we fixed that. TownCloud brings the private sector software experience to government spaces. Finally, local governments have access to browser-based, mobile designed, intuitive software that upgrades on its own and integrates easily with other applications. This is software built for the way citizens want to interact with local government.

TownCloud’s proprietary local government software platform encourages citizen engagement for a truly democratic experience. City council meetings can be accessed and viewed through any browser at any time, which encourages participation from all citizens, no matter when the meeting itself is held, and feedback from citizens can be provided from the comfort of the sofa. Agendas for those holding the meeting are easily templated, published, and distributed, and that means better transparency and better engagement. Plus, meeting minutes can never be conveniently misplaced, since all data is held in encrypted cloud-based storage.

But TownCloud isn’t just improving meetings: it’s revolutionizing even the most tedious of city-controlled tasks. Payments for things like permits can be accepted online without the business owner having to go down to the city hall and waste an hour waiting in line. Proof of payment is automatic and streamlined, meaning less waste and less frustration. Licenses can be applied for online and permits can be renewed in seconds.

The best part is that TownCloud encourages local governments to try before they buy, just like a customer in the private sector would. There’s no commitment and there’s no expensive maintenance agreements: just simple, monthly subscription-based software that works the way everyone wishes the government would.

TownCloud is the way to be beautifully engaged.