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Back in the 90’s I was hopeful that consolidation in Govtech would lead to investment and innovation. I hoped that companies could focus on bringing exciting new solutions to market. The reality, however, is that the “investment” went into the pockets of individuals and institutions and the customers got warmed-over versions of legacy systems with reduced services and higher maintenance costs. Instead of modernizing platforms, creativity has been used to devise clever ways of monetizing customers who believe they are locked in to ineffective software.

While many small companies have emerged to address point solutions, TownCloud is challenging every aspect of the status quo in Govtech. Our first step was to deliver a new meeting management suite that delivers value in under an hour. Customers say Agenda saves them as much as two days per meeting. Next we proved that getting a new website can be accomplished in under a day.

In 2021 TownCloud began to rollout a totally new enterprise financial suite. We are currently replacing systems from the largest companies in Govtech. Why? Because we believe that Research and Development is a better investment than Mergers and Acquisitions.

In 2022, TownCloud will be replacing legacy systems without long implementation and high costs. The future of Govtech won’t come from the biggest balance sheet. It will come from a company willing to bring big ideas to small customers.