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Challenging the status quo is not a popular idea these days. Over the last year, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting small towns just about every week. I also did this in the 1980s and it seems that local government people are a lot busier now.

The demands placed on local governments for compliance have increased dramatically and the software that is supposed to help them has, in fact, added to their workload.

Big money in Govtech has gone to exploit the status quo instead of improving the productivity of customers. Those of us who invest in new systems that dramatically improve efficiency are dismissed by investors because our monthly recurring revenue (MRR) per customer is less than the legacy companies.  Customers are wary because it seems too good to be true.

At TownCloud we believe that a dramatic leap forward is necessary in Govtech. We want customers to have effortless software so they can spend more time engaging with their constituents.

We are delivering transformative results. We routinely deliver a new Agenda system in an hour.  We are providing new Websites in a day and soon we will be replacing inefficient legacy ERP in a week.

TownCloud is creating the future of Govtech by challenging the status quo.