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-April Warren, City Secretary

“TownCloud has been the best tool I use to carry out my duties as City Secretary. The program has saved me time and has cut down on the stress of preparing for council meetings. It was taking me around 2-3 business days to prepare the agenda and packets for our meetings. I can now produce an agenda, create packets, and notify council members in about 2 hours from start to finish. The City council was impressed the very first time! The Council enjoys being able to have their tablets or laptops at the meeting and pull up the packet digitally. The program is very user friendly. I would recommend TownCloud to any City or entity that requires agenda preparation.”

Bennett, CO Logo

-Lynette White, Clerk

“First, I must thank you for providing a product that is effortless; a product that is easy to use and understand. The Town of Bennett has been utilizing the agenda management program since November, 2018; and it has definitely provided me with a way to streamline my work processes and provide the information to the Town Board and Town Staff without having to create a separate document.

I especially enjoy and am thankful for the excellent and responsive customer service of the entire team. I am enjoying this collaboration and look forward to implementing other aspects of the program.”

-Tammy Wallace, City Clerk/Court Clerk

“The Town of Jones loves TownCloud.  The software is very user friendly and the staff is great to work with too.”

-Debbie Lee, Clerk / Treasurer

“The City of Kittitas signed up for Town Cloud in September of 2020. Previously we had used Word to make our agenda’s and print the packets. I can not stress enough how great this agenda program is! No more re-printing one document because information changed, now we just upload the updated documents. This had saved us a tremendous amount of time, printing costs, and the use of paper. Making the agenda with Town Cloud has also enabled our citizen’s to view the agenda and minutes on our web site. Town Cloud is a user friendly program and easily learned. The minutes are easy to type and readily available for the public to view.  The response time for learning the program was minimal and we received our answer’s in a timely manner. (the few time that we did have to call). I would recommend Town Cloud to any agency it was a game changer for the City of Kittitas.”

Town of St Albans Maine Seal

-Richard Fisher, Town Manager

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for designing our new website. It is so much nicer than our previous site and you were professional and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. It was a pleasure to work with you.

It did not take very long for me to become skilled at posting on the site. Most importantly, you listened to what we told you our needs were, and you responded with a site that best fit those needs. That is a rare accomplishment. Thank you again for turning what can be an excruciatingly painful process into a fun and worthwhile experience.

I strongly recommend that other towns who would like a website that looks great and works efficiently on all platforms to seriously consider”

Malabar FL Logo

-Richard Kohler, Deputy Town Clerk

“My name is Richard Kohler and I am the Deputy Town Clerk for the Town of Malabar Florida. In the 3 years since we have joined Town Cloud, the ease with which we have created agendas for all of our boards and committees has been astounding. We previously used Word Documents, and scanned PDFs to make our packets, a long and drawn out process. Since switching to Town Cloud, these tasks have become much simpler. The ease of inputting information and attachments is second to none. The Agendas always come out on time and look incredibly professional. Being in a small town, budget constraints had kept us away from using an agenda development software, but Town Cloud is so reasonable priced that it was easy to make the switch. I would highly recommend this software to any municipal employee who is responsible for drafting meeting agendas.

Our representative at Town Cloud is Chris Haywood. Mr. Haywood is a true professional. Anytime I have had a question, big or small, he takes the time to help me solve this issue, as well as explain what he was doing so I could learn from him. Being from a small municipality, it feels great to know he is there for me whenever needed. Another great component of Town Cloud is that they are a young and growing company. Whenever I call with an issue, Mr. Haywood explains that the company is working on developing and improving their software to be more user friendly. Knowing that really make me feel like my issues are important to them and help them create a better product for their users. I 100% recommend this service, as well as Mr. Haywood as its representative.”

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-Steve Watkins, IT Specialist

“The Town of Milliken, Colorado recently moved from printed town board meeting agenda packets to TownCloud, a leading innovator in cloud ERP designed for local municipalities.

Moving the town’s packets online saves us time, printed material costs, and delivery charges. It also provides a better portal for citizens to view the agenda and attachments, as well as access to archived agendas.

The TownCloud support team has been a great help in the development of our site, and in fine tuning the experience to meet our requirements. It’s very easy to create an agenda, upload attachments, publish the draft, generate a packet, notify recipients, make last minute changes, and re-publish. These changes are immediately available to the public. I would recommend TownCloud as a complete, affordable, and easy to use cloud agenda management system.”

-Sam Kooiker, City Manager

“In March 2020, we began utilizing TownCloud for our main Council agendas. The use of this software has improved access for the public, media, and elected officials. We have streamlined our internal processes, and have improved archival access and capacity for the City Council, Airport, Board of Adjustment, P&Z Commission, Library, Cemetery, Recreation, and Pavilion.”

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