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I recently had a call with a town manager who is considering our software. We had previously met and showed the software and even set up a trial environment. This is a great guy who has worked in government for thirty years. While I was anxious to get them up and running on our software he reminded me that “the wheels of government turn slowly”.

While virtually every aspect of business has accelerated over the past decade, government has continued to move slowly. This reality has been accepted by software providers who have built their business models around keeping government slow.

We created TownCloud to challenge the status quo. Why wait six months for a new app that can be providing value in 30 minutes? Why get locked in with a large capital investment and a long maintenance contract?

Towns and their citizens benefit greatly from inexpensive modern apps delivered on the cloud. Value is provided immediately with no risk.

It is great to be a part of a new generation of companies that are helping communities to be more responsive and to accelerate the wheels of government. In the past, modern, efficient software was very expensive and only available to communities with large budgets. Subscription based software will make the best technology affordable and easy to adopt.

It’s great to be a part of this revolution.