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Throughout my career I’ve had the privilege of meeting thousands of great people. I’ve noticed that the first question from a new acquaintance is usually “what do you do for a living?” If I were a doctor or a lawyer it would be natural for people to make assumptions about my financial value based on my profession. For my entire career I’ve had huge reversals in my financial situations but I’ve always been proud of what I do.

TownCloud isn’t supported by Silicon Valley or by celebrities. We don’t show up on the radar of wall street or big private equity firms. Still, I couldn’t be more proud of what we do and how we do it. Every TownCloud app delivers value to customers. We deliver value quickly and without the pain of a long implementation. Most of all, our pricing makes our software accessible to the smallest communities. We use technology to make state of the art systems affordable to everyone.

At TownCloud, we don’t define success as a number on our balance sheet. Our success is reflected in the value we deliver to our customers.