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In our journey to build into the Govtech leader for the future, I am regularly asked about metrics. These metrics include: Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Churn, Lifetime Value (LTV), Average Contract Value (ACV), and many others.

While these metrics can be helpful in analyzing business performance, I have always considered customer satisfaction the most important measurement of a business. I’m not talking about customer satisfaction as measured by an NPV score. I’m talking about what the customers tell you directly over a beer or a glass of wine.

In my experience most customers will answer an online survey positively because they don’t want the distraction of follow up questions or a call from someone who gets paid to convince you that the software is working and the problem is with you.

The fact is that big companies use these metrics to determine how much they can cut costs before you actually switch to a different system. In their business model, it’s not worth the cost of making customers happy. They just want you to keep sending the checks.

At TownCloud we want to change the status quo by delivering software that makes a difference for our customers. We want to make them happy enough to tell their colleagues that there’s a better way. Instead of simply being relieved that the software actually works, we want to improve productivity and put a smile on your face.

We want customers to seek the TownCloud experience for all of their software needs. Your satisfaction is what drives us at TownCloud.