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It’s time someone stuck up for the little guy!

We'll get you results without stealing
your lunch money.


TownCloud was created for local government

TownCloud is a company on a mission. That mission is to deliver results to local governments. Our modern software is easy to use and even easier to buy. We provide immediate value to customers instead of locking them into expensive contracts. TownCloud is the alternative to high startup costs, poor integration, and lengthy installations.

Rapid Implementation

Implementations are long, expensive and painful. We believe this needs to change. With TownCloud, you can learn about our apps, sign-up your municipality and begin using them in the same day.

Nickel and Dimed

Traditional software companies make you pay big license, maintenance, and implementation fees up front before you ever receive any value. In many cases, this may be years before you are able to productively use the software or even know if it is going to work. With TownCloud, you only pay for what you use.


With TownCloud, you aren’t locked into one-sided contracts that require up-front fees. You just pay for what you use. Whether you have a few users or a few hundred, provisioning is easy.

Data Access

Don’t you hate it when your data is imprisoned? Break it out with TownCloud. Legacy systems force you to spend hours entering data and managing systems but force you to use expensive 3rd party reporting or use their limited canned options. TownCloud gives you access to all your records with the push of a button.

The demands on the core business have changed

Reduced time to value

Ask anyone who has put in a new system recently and they will tell you it often takes 3 to 5 years before they see any benefit. Our customers are live in hours and realizing the benefits immediately.

Flexible Infrastructure

Let us handle the infrastructure! TownCloud is real cloud. Sizing a server, picking a platform, and deciding on a database are all things of the past. Any computer and the modern browser of your choice is your ticket to the future of municipal cloud computing.


It's easy to start using TownCloud! Just sign-up for the apps you need and pay for what you use. It's that simple.