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Services Suite – Revenue

What some people call Utility Billing

With TownCloud Revenue, there are no more recycled batch processes to run or spreadsheets to update.
Our all-in-one solution provides clarity for staff and customers, through a new simplified approach.

Billing and Collections

A common repository for all your receivables

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Customer and Meter Information

A comprehensive approach for utility billing

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An integrated, centralized tool for all cash receipts

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Billing and Collections (including Utilities)

A modern approach for a fully integrated billing and collection system

  • Streamlines your entire process
  • Allows you to accommodate changes without customization
  • Alleviates the need for multiple billing systems
  • Accommodates your billing and collection process
  • Improves controls and balancing
  • Built around industry best practices
  • Easy to implement
  • Reduces security threats
  • Engage your customers with online transactions
  • Manage all your customers in one place
  • Self-service capabilities through TownCloud Engage
  • Define and bill for the services you provide
  • Generate flat, metered, and meter-related service charges
  • Configurable rate schedules
  • Define your charges and bill at the desired frequency
  • Configurable aging and delinquency processing of outstanding charges
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Customer and Meter information

A new approach that simplifies your operations

  • Utilizes a common customer repository
  • Uniquely track and manage your service addresses
  • Track your meter inventory
  • Integrate with automated reading systems
  • Eliminates duplicate customer records
  • Eliminates duplicate location information
  • Ensures the integrity of meter information
  • Works with your existing reading process


Centralized cash receipting, balancing, bank deposits, and reconciliation made easy!

  • Any number of cash drawers, payment locations, or cashiers
  • Accept payment for an unlimited number of charge items
  • Direct merchant integration for credit card and e-check¬†
  • Simplified reconciliation
  • Generate bank deposit slips from one or multiple batches
  • Transparently generate general ledger transactions
  • Scales to fit your organization
  • Reduce training requirements and staff errors
  • Improves accuracy and reduces errors
  • Maintain cash drawers that are always in balance
  • Reduce the line at the counter with speedy transactions
  • Improve ease of use with our intuitive interface