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Local government software has been stuck in the dark ages. Ever since investment bankers discovered that legacy systems are difficult to replace they have been pouring money into the consolidation of companies that once provided innovation and competition in the market. Over the past 20 years, systems have become more expensive to buy and maintain while productivity has remained stagnant. The total cost of operations (TCO) has actually increased. Systems are outdated, overly complex, and overpriced.

Fortunately, innovation is finding its way into local government software. Entrepreneurs and investors have seen the amount of money being spent on maintenance and have realized that the market is ripe for disruption. Companies like TownCloud are bringing new solutions based on a modern platform that can reduce the time to value to mere minutes.  Customers no longer need to pay millions up front, they can try before they buy and not be locked into an ineffective solution. Proprietary computer hardware can be replaced with a modern cloud platform that is continually upgraded and enhanced. Best of all, there are no punitive maintenance agreements.

The dark ages of government software are ending. Visit TownCloud to experience the future of local government software.