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Building a local government website solution was never on the TownCloud road map. As we began to connect with customers about simplifying their agendas and meeting management processes, it was apparent that they also needed a simple tool for maintaining a modern website.

Our response was to reach out to large and small government website companies to encourage them to provide a simple, inexpensive website product. While everyone was polite, it was obvious that existing website providers didn’t have any interest in doing something new.

Travis and the TownCloud team enthusiastically embraced the idea of simpler websites as a product and within mere weeks, we had a product and our first customer.

Now customers across the country in small towns and special districts are enjoying the benefits of a government website delivered the “TownCloud way”. Unlike others who attempt to meet Govtech needs with acquisitions, TownCloud always brings creativity and innovation to the market.

This is the essence of what it means to be a product-led company. At TownCloud we love delivering solutions that delight our customers. To learn more, check out our Engage Suite.