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Building totally new software for local governments and bringing it to market isn’t easy. In my earlier days, we would partner with a few customers and fund development with services.

With TownCloud, we had an entirely new approach and we needed to make a major investment before going to market. This meant spending a lot of time with investors, analysts, and “experts”.

The best part of this journey (by far) has been the response from our customers. The reference letters, calls, and emails like this one have made this endeavor worthwhile:

Just wanted to share that I published the agenda in about 3 hours (with many interruptions) when it was taking me about 2 days!! The agenda management program, minutes and all the features are amazing! My favorite is how it makes the pdf that I can print for the commissioners. Just wanted to share my happiness! – Becky in Florida

At TownCloud we are committed to building software that gets results. We are bringing world class technology to small towns. We believe that the road to long-term success is paved with the value we provide to each and every customer.

As we gather with our families we are thankful for the customers who provide us with the opportunity to do what we love.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at TownCloud!