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When it comes to selecting a new Website solution for your town, it’s hard to know exactly what you need and it’s easy to make a costly mistake. Flashy features shown during software demonstrations can grab your attention, but the many options shown can be overwhelming and difficult to compare. Worse, the typical evaluation process is frequently unable to help you learn how hard it will be to maintain the site or how easily your constituents will find the navigation once you’re live.

We recently heard from an Agenda customer who told us they were selecting another website solution and were unwilling to look at our Website which integrates with their Agenda system. This system will take months to implement and cost five times as much as our system. This is typical for most “government” solutions which require significant upfront financial investments, long implementation cycles, and high staff workloads. Once live, staff often find them difficult to maintain. Constituents can be frustrated with how hard it is to quickly find the information they seek.

At TownCloud we are driven to get results for our customers. This passion permeates all of our products and has inspired us to build transformational solutions for customers that simplify solutions that are usually complicated and costly. We’ve learned through years of experience that providing simpler solutions that are easy to launch and use is better for everyone and results in higher customer satisfaction.

The proof is in the results. When our customers go live, they tell us their only regret is that they didn’t find TownCloud sooner.