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For decades government information technology (Govtech) was mission-driven. It focused on providing tools for the management of data and automating business processes. Everyone knew the mission was innovation. Those who delivered value, who “built the best mousetrap”, were rewarded.

Unfortunately, today, the industry has lost its focus. Often, executive boards reward financial engineering which maximizes profits at the expense of value to the customer. Like an engine that is run too lean, forward momentum is lost and damage will eventually occur.

To distract from this behavior, many companies promote politically popular messages. Promoting the views of some communities on everyone ignores our true diversity and only serves to deepen the division that has plagued our country. Worse, it does nothing to actually help the customers paying for their services.

At TownCloud, we have been mission-driven from day one. Our mission is easy to understand: provide simple, effective tools that assist governing bodies across the country to run efficiently, promote transparency, and foster healthy citizen engagement. We don’t presume to know the best way to run your town. We do know that if we can simplify technology, and make it accessible to organizations of all sizes and budgets, we will help to make the world a better place. That is our mission.