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Last week we launched our customer reference page on Going through the list of customers and the great testimonials they gave reminded me of what it has taken to create TownCloud.

It all started when someone asked me what it would take to bring a totally new solution to Govtech. We started talking and when we wrote it all down, we knew we had something special. I shared the vision with a long-time friend and investor to ask him if he thought this was a good idea. Not only did he say YES, he sent the seed capital to setup the company. When I ran it by my neighbor and friend, he was so excited about the opportunity that he said YES and assembled a group of his friends who funded the development of the TownCloud platform and initial applications.

We were fortunate to know some of the most talented and inspired developers in America. They immediately understood that TownCloud would be a product led company where simplicity and efficiency were more important than unnecessary “features”. They said YES to our vision of building the first totally new government enterprise systems in 25 years.

In 2015 I asked another friend for help with new office space and additional capital. He not only said YES to space and capital but he invested hundreds of hours into planning for the next phase of growth.

In 2019 we launched Agenda with $50/mo subscriptions and a free trial. This has never been done previously (or since) with government software. Customers said Yes to this new approach to buying the software and many implementations were accomplished in under an hour.

Our Clients tell us that saying YES TownCloud has been “transformational” for them and their constituents. Now, they are saying YES to full Enterprise Systems.

Customers in nearly every state have praised the TownCloud approach as being “a refreshing change from the status quo”. Our Technology may be new to Govtech but our approach is as old as time.

We believe that today, Govtech needs companies that innovate to deliver exceptional value in everything they do.

TownCloud is creating a better future for Govtech because so many people gave us a chance and said…YES.