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Mergers and acquisitions in Govtech are happening at an unprecedented rate. The innovative startups that have emerged over the past few years are being rolled into larger companies.

While the press releases and websites claim that these combinations provide comprehensive solutions, the fact is that these are separate companies on disparate platforms. Each has their own user experience, implementation approach, and culture. The vision and values that made each company special will be eliminated to meet the corporate objectives of the combined entity.

TownCloud is different. We design and build all our applications on a common platform. We share common components and data elements across the entire suite and we provide true integration as opposed to interfaces. Best of all, we provide a common user experience.

Our customers tell us that it is refreshing to work with TownCloud and that our apps are transformative for their organizations. You cannot achieve these results by taking shortcuts. While others continue to build through acquisitions, we will continue to develop innovative solutions built on a common platform.