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Every week we read about the consolidation of Govtech companies. Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and big Private Equity firms now control most Govtech companies. These firms are well known for putting their interests (and agendas) ahead of the needs of customers. Over the last two decades, large Govtech firms have celebrated record profits while their software has grown outdated and inefficient. Customers have fewer alternatives due to consolidation.

At TownCloud things are different. Our independence is what allows us to differentiate ourselves from other Govtech companies:

  1. We aren’t controlled by financial institutions.
  2. We make our own decisions based on the long term needs of all our stakeholders.
  3. We believe in a balanced approach that includes the interests of customers, staff, and investors.

Our approach has made TownCloud very popular with customers and staff. By investing in our common platform and customer results, we are creating a sustainable competitive advantage that will generate value for decades.